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Student Impact Story

Do what you love. Jonathan Lam, a Central Piedmont alumnus, takes that statement to heart. "The joy I feel from technical theatre is uncanny," explains Jonathan.
When I found out I could do it as a living, I thought, 'why not?' I've seen so many adults question their career paths, wondering if they should have pursued something they loved, instead of their current job. I didn't want to be like them; I wanted to follow my passion, theatre.
Jonathan's love for performing arts began in high school, when a teacher asked him to volunteer behind the scenes at a school play. He learned about the many pieces that come together to create a live show--stage management, lighting, sound, set design and costumes. He also learned that it takes a team working together to evoke a particular emotion from the audience.

He was hooked.

Jonathan enrolled at Central Piedmont as a first-generation college student because of the college's affordability. He immediately got involved in Drama Club and began taking theatre classes. As a Central Piedmont student, he excelled academically thanks to the help he received from faculty members.
The instructors are very involved with the students, they care about each student and want to help them successfully hurdle any obstacle that crosses their path.
In December 2018, Jonathan graduated with an Associate in Arts degree in Technical Theatre. His goal was to secure a position as a sound designer, sound board operator, or musician with a touring theatre company.

Before he packed his bags, he had some words of advice for his peers:
Remember, you are on your own path in life. Don't be afraid to explore, to be what you were meant to be, and always choose to do what you love.
Jonathan Lam