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Central Piedmont Music presents the opera, DIDO AND AENEAS a virtual presentation

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Central Piedmont Music presents the opera, DIDO AND AENEAS a virtual presentation


Extended viewing still available!

Central Piedmont Community College Music Department presents DIDO and AENEAS. Click here to watch the performance, no tickets required. 

Henry Purcell’s only true opera, Dido and Aeneas, is based on Book IV of Virgil’s epic poem, Aeneid.  The first performance took place at Josias Priest’s Boarding School for Girls in 1689, where all the roles were performed by females.  After the opera’s premiere it was not performed for 100 years, but now has its place in the list of operas most often performed and recorded.  Written in 3 acts, but less than 1 hour long, Dido and Aeneas, is the best choice for Central Piedmont Opera’s premiere virtual presentation. Much appreciation to Central Piedmont Dance and Clay Daniel, choreographer, for their contribution to our production. Enjoy! 


Dido, widowed Queen of Carthage, has welcomed the Trojan Prince Aeneas and his men while they rest and repair their ship.  Aeneas has been sent by the gods after the fall of Troy to found a new Troy on Italian shores, the Roman Empire.  Dido and Aeneas have fallen in love, and the Trojan prince is lingering in Carthage.  However, his destiny lies in Italy, and the gods intervene.  The Sorceress and her coven of witches plot Dido’s destruction.  The Sorceress conjures a storm to break out when the royal couple is hunting. As Dido and her handmaidens rush back to town, the Sorceress sends a false messenger in the form of Mercury, telling Aeneas he must leave Dido and journey on to Italy.  Aeneas and his sailors prepare to set sail, to the delight of the witches, but the dismay of Dido and her people.  Aeneas longs to remain in Carthage, but at Dido’s urging knows the gods’ will must be obeyed.  At his departure, Dido resigning herself to death sings the famous aria, “When I am laid in earth……Remember me”.


Dido – Kelli Williams

Aeneas—Karl Servian

Sorceress—Jacob Wade

Belinda/First Witch—Allyson Neeriemer

Second Woman/Second Witch—Kelly Leimer

Spirit (voice of Mercury)—Kristine Reynolds

Mercury – Noah Morrison

First Sailor—Robert Rankin


Kelly Leimer, Allyson Neeriemer, Kristine Reynolds, Kelli Williams, David Gibson, John Paul Lepeley, Carlos Parker, Robert Rankin, Nat Ross, Karl Servian, Jacob Wade


Sheronica Davis, Janae Dickerson, Andrea Lopez, Noah Morrison, Rayanah Stradford, Janelle Williams, Jazmine Williams, Kaylin Wilson