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Paul Taylor Dance Company

Halton Theater

Paul Taylor is the greatest living pioneer of American modern dance. Since founding the world-renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company in 1954, he has choreographed 144 dances, many of which have attained iconic status and have been celebrated throughout the world. The company has toured some 524 cities in 64 countries, but has not performed in Charlotte in 15 years.

The program for these two extraordinary nights will include the following Paul Taylor dances:
Brandenburgs (1988)
Lost, Found and Lost (1982)
Le Sacre du Printemps (1980)

These two nights at the Halton Theatre are the culminating components of a year-long collaboration among CPCC, UNCC, and Charlotte Ballet, with generous support from Wells Fargo. This collaboration includes the reconstruction and performance by UNCC faculty member Kim Jones of the lost Paul Taylor work “Tracer” (as chronicled in this recent article in The New York Times), multiple workshops for students at UNCC and CPCC, and a performance for students by the Taylor 2 company.  

This brief promo video demonstrates the power and beauty of Paul Taylor Dance Company. More about the company can be found on their website.